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Chernobyl tours for an extraordinary tourist experience

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is considered to be the place of the terrible disaster that led to harmful and irreversible consequences. The year of 1986 will ever remain in the memory of humanity. Today, it is the symbol of the nuclear disaster that can affect everyone.

This scary episode in human history is becoming more and more popular among tourists who are looking for new kinds of attractions. Chernobyl tours have turned into an excellent location for having an unusual adventure. Being the most mysterious site in Europe , Chernobyl fascinates with its peaceful and post-apocalyptic atmosphere. A “ghost” town with empty buildings and wild nature won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Such trips can have an educational purpose for people as they show them the possible consequences of human ignorance. Most guests of the zone choose this unusual traveling path to learn about the disaster from competent guides. Local specialists know every single detail about the place. Moreover, they know how to make your adventure safe.

Chernobyl tour cost won’t be disappointing. You will get the full package for a reasonable price. Transportation, guide assistance, and accommodation are included. But before you visit the place, you might want to know more details about Chernobyl.

The exclusion zone myths

The effects of radiation on the nature, human, or animal can be a source of multiple stories. Some of them are true, while others are the result of someone’s imagination. If you are expecting to see something extraordinary in Chernobyl, you shouldn’t. Two-headed children, monster plants, and dangerous mutants can be seen only in the movies and series. Let’s consider the most popular myths.

Genetic issues happen to be the real case. Being under the high level of radiation can be dangerous for the human body. Hundreds or even thousands of cancer cases, diabetes, and heart diseases in Western and Eastern Europe have become serious challenges for the healthcare system. Meanwhile, radiation doesn’t create monsters. This wrong idea happens to be quite confusing and even misleading. There has been no evidence of human or animal mutations so far. To debunk the myth, it is better to see everything with your own eyes by joining a Chernobyl tour.

Giant fish can be found in the pond. You might have heard of pond monsters such as giant atomic catfish. Well, it’s not true. During one of the Chernobyl tours, you will pass by the NPP where you are allowed to feed fish. But you definitely won’t find a three-meter monster there. Keep this in mind not to get disappointed during the tour.

The Chernobyl disaster is the first one of its kind. The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 was not the first nuclear accident caused by humans. For instance, the Three Mile Island disaster took place in the USA in 1979. It is considered to be one of the biggest issues of this kind in history.

Notes for tourists who plan to go on a tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

When you book wycieczka do Czarnobyla , you will need to consider a few details. Here they are:

  • Have a look at the tour programs and choose the most suitable one for you to address travel expectations.
  • Pick a reliable agency with the best possible reviews on the web.
  • Book the trip online or directly in the office by providing your passport.
  • Monitor the safety instructions as the most significant recommendation.

To have an enjoyable Chernobyl tour, make sure to choose one of the reliable agencies in Kyiv. If you do everything right, you won’t regret your decision to have the adventure.