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The Most Popular Tennis Betting Strategies

The opportunity to play according to the live-break strategy for a favorite is a good chance to win in tennis betting and make good money. Tennis is one of the most difficult sports to make money. It is very easy to predict the victory of a favorite over an outsider, only on such an outcome you will get a factor of about 1.10. Such layouts will force you to either make fabulous money, or multiply similar bets on the express.

What Is the Essence of the Favorite Strategy?

The betting strategy on a favorite in tennis involves bets with odds from 1.45 to 1.65. This strategy is very easy to understand and use when betting at You need to choose matches, in which bookmakers allocate an obvious favorite and an outsider. To understand who is who is easy even for a person who has a minimal understanding of this kind of sport. Bookmakers in the person of their experts have already analyzed and set coefficients, from which you can immediately see who is preferred, and whose victory is hard to believe.

One of the conditions for applying a strategy to a favorite in tennis is that the coefficient for it is not less than 1.45, but not more than 1.65. Someone might say that if you take smaller coefficients, then the chances of winning would increase. But everything is not so simple, with such an approach at long range, the probability of winning is very small. After all, there are cases (albeit very rarely) when a favorite with a factor of 1.10 sensationally loses to an outsider.

After you've understood how to choose a favorite and chose him or her, now you need to start betting on it. This is the next step of the strategy. The strategy for the favorite is gaming, but in order for it to work successfully, it is necessary to combine it with one of their financial strategies for bookmaker bets.

What Effect Will You Achieve Using This Strategy?

The effect of this seemingly simple gaming strategy will be achieved only if it is combined with a financial method that suits you. The fact is that many professional betters have long noticed that the most coincidence of the evaluation of a favorite by bookmakers with the final result takes place in tennis. In other words, tennis is the kind of sport where favorites win more often than others.

Of course, this fact could not be ignored by the bookmakers and they are well aware of this. Therefore, in order to overload "favorite leverage" not to ruin them, they use margin to compensate for possible losses. This is where the financial strategy will help us, but we also need to be able to choose it.